This method was developed by Henryk M. Kowalski, a Polish authority in the field of rehabilitation. In over 40 years of professional practice, he has helped thousands of patients suffering from various neurological diseases, musculoskeletal disorders and people injured in road traffic accidents.

Henryk Marek Kowalski creator of the PRAGMA device and method

Combining the role of a physiotherapist and a scientist, theoretical knowledge with everyday practice, he was particularly interested in introducing elastomers – resilient and flexible material – into therapy. He observed, that physical features of elastomers such as stiffness, resilience, elasticity and relaxation of elongation are very similar to the physical features of striated muscles and myofascial system.

Years of trials and experiments, consultations with outstanding specialists in Polish science and work with patients allowed him to create an original rehabilitation method. In this method, elastomer is used not only as an element of elastic resistance in active exercises, but also as an element supporting movement in its eccentric part. This is important in neuromotor exercises, especially in gait re-education and elastic verticalization

Gait reeducation

M. Kowalski has developed a method thanks to which hundreds of difficult patients can improve the comfort of their lives and regain mobility. The method initially required the use of many separate devices and provisional solutions. Years of trials and improvements resulted in the creation of Pragma device system thanks to which the method is used in its full scope.

The method, thanks to its high effectiveness, has gained recognition of many outstanding doctors, physiotherapists and, above all, patients. It was the subject of several scientific papers and more are in the process of writing.